How Can Elections Affect the Future of Technology in the United States?

| Updated on July 3, 2024
Elections Affect the Future of Technology

After watching the presidential debates in Trump vs. Biden, it is clear that Trump has a good, if not a better, chance of winning the elections in November of this year. 

Elections Affect

We all know how important tech companies are to the United States, but it is important for us to understand what steps the government will take to make the tech industry different from what it was in the past. 

As a global talent industry, we can do better than the previous one. While President Trump was in office, he actually took a number of steps in favor of the tech sector, but more recently, he imposed several sanctions on tech giants, which could result in a sharp decline in the value of Microsoft, Amazon, and other tech companies. 

As a result, all businessmen are eagerly waiting for Trump’s return to power so that they can reap numerous benefits and enjoy true freedom under a great leader.

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