Google Play Store Begins Highlighting Apps That Let You Delete Your Account

| Updated on June 3, 2024
google play store highlights apps with account deletion

Last year, Google decided to shake things up with a new rule for the Google Play Store, specifically targeting apps that let you create an account. Basically, if an app allows you to create an account, the developer now has to make it just as easy to delete that account, both in the app and on the web. 

This change is essential for the app to stay listed on the Play Store. Google said they would start showing these data deletion practices in app listings “early next year.” That time has finally arrived.

google play store highlights apps

A contributor from Android Authority, Assemble Debug, noticed that the Google Play Store is now displaying an “Account deletion available” badge in the Data Safety section of app listings.

Google PlayStore Data Safety and Data Deletion Information Page

Since December 2023, Google has been nudging developers to add details about how users can delete their accounts in their store listings. Developers can ask for an extension until May 31, 2024, but after that, apps that don’t comply might face some serious consequences, like being kicked off the Play Store. 

Now that these data deletion badges are live, we’re super close to that deadline, so developers better not expect any more extensions.

Google’s policy requires that developers offer options to delete your data and account from both within their apps and on the web. This means if you uninstall an app, you don’t need to reinstall it just to delete your data or account. If developers need to keep certain data for valid reasons, like legal requirements, they must clearly explain these data retention practices.

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