Google’s New AI Plans Will Now Come With Cybersecurity Features In the Box

| Updated on May 9, 2024
google ai security
Google new AI plans

As people try to find more and more uses for generative AI that are less about creating fake photos and more about creativity, Google is planning to add new cybersecurity features into its AI plans to make threat reports a lot easier to read.

In a recent blog post, Google stated that its new cybersecurity product, Google Threat Intelligence, will put together the work of its Mandiant cybersecurity unit and the VirusTotal threat intelligence within the new Gemini AI model.

The new product will use the Gemini 1.5 Pro large language model, which Google says, will reduce the time needed to reverse engineer malware attacks. The company has claimed that the 1.5 Gemini Pro, released in February, took only 34 seconds to analyze the code of the WannaCry virus.

Google has commented that Threat Intelligence also has a vast network of information so that it can keep an eye out for potential threats before an attack can even happen. 

The search engine giant also plans to use Mandiant’s expertise to assess security vulnerabilities around AI projects. Through Google’s Secure AI Framework, Mandiant will test the defenses of AI models and help in red-teaming efforts. 

So, while AI models can help summarize threats and reverse engineer malware attacks, they can also be affected by malicious attacks. Besides, Google is not the only company melding AI with cybersecurity. 

Microsoft launched Copilot for Security, powered by GPT-4 and Microsoft’s cybersecurity-specific AI model, and lets cybersecurity professionals ask questions about threats.

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