Google Messages Updates Encryption Status Display for iPhone Chats

| Updated on July 3, 2024
google messages updates encryption status display for iphone chats

Google Messages has made a change in how it shows end-to-end encryption (E2EE) status in chats between Android and iPhone users. 

Previously, the app displayed a crossed-out lock icon in these conversations, indicating that E2EE was not available. This change was specific to the chats between Android and iPhone users.Google Messages uses its own E2EE for chats within the Android ecosystem. 

However, Apple has its own plans for encryption, wanting it added to the RCS (Rich Communication Services) Universal Profile standard. It’s not clear if this will happen by the time iOS 18 launches in the fall. 

Once available, Google will likely adopt this standardized approach.Starting now, the crossed-out lock icon has been removed from iOS-Android conversations in Google Messages. 

This update seems to be a server-side change and has been noticed in recent beta versions of the app.Before this change, most users saw the crossed-out lock when communicating with Android users who didn’t use Google Messages as their texting app. 

The current SMS situation, where end users cannot take any action to enable encryption in Android-iPhone chats, is consistent with this update.As iOS 18 approaches, Google Messages aims to improve support for and inform users about “cross-platform RCS chats.” 

New features in the app also highlight the benefits of RCS in group conversations, such as sending sharper photos and videos and using reactions, all for free over Wi-Fi.

Google’s continuous efforts to improve the user experience and close the messaging gap between iPhone and Android are reflected in this update.

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