Google Fires Employees Over Protests Against Israel Contract

| Updated on April 25, 2024
google fires employee

Amidst stark protests, the tech giant has taken a no-nonsense policy and fired about 20 more workers who were said to have participated in protests denouncing the company’s cloud deal with the Israeli government.

google fires employees

This means that in the past week alone, the search engine giant has fired over 50 employees. A spokesperson from Google has confirmed that it has to fire more employees after continuing its investigation into the April 16th protests, which included sit-ins at Google’s offices in New York and California.

This firing spree comes mere days after CEO Sundar Pichai told employees in a companywide memo that they should not use the company as a “personal platform,” “fight over disruptive issues,”  or “delve into politics.”

These protests at Google are part of a wave of opposition to the US government and corporations that have been working with the Israeli government and military. Many Pro-Palestinian protestors have been arrested in the past couple of days at Yale and Columbia Universities.

This has sparked debates among the common folk accusing university officials of being heavy-handed which has just added fuel to an already burning flame and inspired another round of protests from students in colleges across the country.

At Google, the situation has become kind of like a public fight between the managers and the fired employees. Google has stated that each worker it fired has been actively disrupting its offices, while the employees deny the allegations.

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