You Can Now Access Gemini AI Directly from the Google Chrome Address Bar

| Updated on May 9, 2024
gemini ai in crome
Gemini shortcut

We’ve all seen how Microsoft has been pushing its AI-Copilot across Windows to all of its desktop and mobile applications. Now Google is trying to cash in on the same thing. Google’s Gemini AI has made its way to most smartphones as a kind of replacement for the Google Assistant and it is also available to web users as well.

Google has recently announced that the Chrome browser will be getting a new Gemini shortcut that can be accessed from anywhere within the browser. To access the feature, all you need to do is type in “@gemini” and then continue to type in your prompt, and then hit “Enter,” and a new Gemni session will be loaded up on your browser.

This new integration is not as deep as Microsoft but it at least saves the users the time it takes to jump onto the web app first.

Chromes New Gemini Shortcut

During testing, we discovered that all prompts performed via the browser shortcut are fed to Google’s regular Gemini language model, regardless of whether you have access to Gemini Advanced.

Well, this might be a good thing, as using regular Gemini for quick responses can be helpful, and using the Advanced version for more complex tasks is what people prefer more.

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