Take the L Out? Fortnite Lets Players Hide “Mean” Emotes

| Updated on April 24, 2024

The company Epic Games has recently announced that they will be announcing a new feature in their famous battle royale game, Fortnite, on Tuesday. This new feature (in update v29.30) will allow players to choose not to see emotes like “Laugh It Up,”  “Take the L,”  “Whipcrack,”  and “Make it Plantain”.

According to a report, these four emotes will not be totally hidden but will appear as still images in the game. This will make the players performing them appear still without any movement or music.

Fortnite Emote

Players can choose to only see these emotes from their friends or hide them entirely.

While Fortnite has hundreds of different emotes, this group of four is the most controversial because of how and when players use them. Fortnite players are oftentimes seen using these emotes right after killing another player or winning a match. 

Players over the years have complained that the use of these four emotes, in particular, has gotten toxic and overly aggressive in the game, with a few even using them to mock other players.

Fortnite Emote Toggle Settings

Epic Games has taken some flak for these emotes in the past, but that was for a completely different reason. Many emotes seem to mimic popular dance moves and many dance move creators have sued Epic for ripping off their work.

Although emotes are a very popular feature of the Fortnite franchise, they aren’t for everyone. This latest update seems like Epic has accepted that part for at least some players, these emotes ruin the player experience.

So, with this update, while some players won’t be able to block these emotes outright, toggling them to only be visible to friends in your party will make them seem less annoying.

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