Fallout 4 PS5 Free Upgrade for PS Plus Members. Is It Back Now?

| Updated on April 30, 2024
fallout 4 next gen upgrade now available
fallout 4

Last week, Bethesda Studios released the next-gen upgrade for the PlayStation Plus players for free, but the release was wrought with issues.

The first one is that many PS Plus players were prompted to pay or were unable to download the game in its entirety. And that’s not all, those who have downloaded the game complained that this update brought with it a ton of bugs and glitches that the original did not even have.

From game-breaking low frame rates to weird glitches, players have complained that the game was not up to the mark, even in the Steam deck port.

Now, there is some good news about this. First spotted by the PlayStation Lifestyle magazine, the issue seems to have been fixed, with many players reporting that they are now able to access the game.

Those who might have bought the game physically or digitally are saying the same. But there still seems to be an issue with Play Station Plus users. They might not get the free upgrade they were waiting for at all.

This move aligns with Sony’s existing policies. It seems many players might have forgotten where their original copy of Fallout 4 came from. 

Fallout 4’s next-gen upgrades are now available on many major platforms for free except for the PSN. This means that PlayStation players might have to peek into their pockets if they want to play this game on their new generation consoles.

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