EU Warns Microsoft It Could Be Fined Billions Over Missing GenAI Risk Info

| Updated on May 22, 2024
eu warns microsoft

Recently, the EU has warned Microsoft that it could be facing fines of up to 1% of its global annual turnover. According to the DSA, the company has failed to respond to a request for information that focused on gen-AI tools.

In March, the EU had asked Microsoft and a number of other tech companies for information about the systematic risks that generative AI possesses. This Friday, the Commission stated that Microsoft had failed to provide some of the documents it asked for.

eu warns Microsoft

And, according to an updated version of the Commission’s press release, it stated that the EU did not receive an answer from Microsoft. The revised version stated that the EU would be stepping up on its enforcement action following an initial request for information.

The commission has given Microsoft till May 27th to supply them with the requested data for risk enforcement and fines under the DSA Act can be scaled up to 6% of the company’s global revenue.

The Commission also comments that they have been missing information that is related to risks stemming from search engine Bing’s generative AI features. Which might be more about Bing’s AI Copilot.

The EU stated that it is particularly concerned about any risks the tools may pose to civic discourse and electoral processes.

Bing was designated as a “very large online search engine ” (VLOSE) under DSA back in April 2023. This means that it is subject to extra layers of obligations related to reducing systematic risks like disinformation from its platform.

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