Custom GPTs are Now Open for Free ChatGPT Users

| Updated on June 3, 2024
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There is some big news for all the ChatGPT users out there. Free users now get to enjoy some of the fabulous features that were previously exclusive to the paying crowd. Starting in early May, everyone using ChatGPT can now access custom GPTs, play around with charts, ask questions about photos, and so much more thanks to the shiny new GPT-4o update.

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In the past, only paid users—that’s the ChatGPT Plus, Teams, and Enterprise folks—could enjoy the perks of features like data analytics, chart creation, model and web responses, vision capabilities, file uploads, memory, and custom GPTs. But now, these goodies are open to all of us.

While we free users can now explore and use those amazing custom GPTs (think on-demand thesaurus or an Ikea shopping guide), creating our own is still a no-go. Plus, if you’re into making these custom GPTs, you can even join a revenue-sharing program that OpenAI has been testing since March.

Data analytics and chart creation features let us link up our OneDrive and Google Drive data with ChatGPT for quicker analysis and customizable charts. 

But there’s a catch. There are still message limits. When you hit the cap of messages or conversations with GPT-4o, you’ll be switched back to GPT-3.5. Not a huge deal, but something to keep in mind.

And you won’t be hearing the Sky voice anymore, no matter if you’re free or paying. OpenAI decided to pull that voice, which was kinda controversial because it sounded a lot like Scarlett Johansson in Her. But there are still other fun voices to play with.

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