CCC Digital Key Applet Earns Top Security Certification

| Updated on June 17, 2024

The Car Connectivity Consortium (CCC) has accomplished a significant goal in digital security. Its Digital Key Applet Protection Profile just got a top verification from the German Federal Office of Information Security (BSI). It is the only digital key app to receive approval for such a high level of security.

The BSI certification shows that the CCC takes security very seriously. With this approval, mobile phone and car manufacturers around the world can be confident that their digital key systems are secure. Users can now safely access their cars using their phones.

The CCC Digital Key Applet lets users unlock, start, and share access to their cars digitally. These actions are safeguarded against cyber threats thanks to the BSI’s certification. Being the only digital key app with this certification, it sets a new safety standard in the industry.

Security for digital keys is very important as cars become more connected with phones. The CCC’s success shows they are committed to providing safe digital key solutions. This certification assures users and car makers that their digital keys are safe from hackers.

With this certification, the CCC takes the lead in digital car access. It also provides a reliable security plan for car manufacturers to implement, resulting in a safer digital future for car access.

In short, the CCC Digital Key Applet us BSI certification is a significant accomplishment. It shows the consortium’s commitment to security and gives peace of mind to users and car makers, knowing their digital keys meet the highest security standards.

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