Is Your iPhone Alarm Not Working? Apple is Working on a Fix

| Updated on May 7, 2024
apple working on a fix for iphone alarms not ringing

Recently, many iPhone owners have been experiencing a weird bug that makes their alarms not ring anymore. Apple has been working tirelessly to fix the issue to address complaints.

The company commented recently that they are aware of the issue and are working continuously to fix it. They have also commented that while they are aware of the issue, they are yet unaware of how many devices have been affected by the issue.

A TikTok user, in a video that has garnered nearly 10 million views, said their iPhone 15 alarm had gone off at “the lowest volume” and claimed the problem was related to an “attention aware” feature being enabled on their phone. “Apple, are you trying to get people fired?” the user added.

Apple working on a fix for iPhone alarms

Apple has pretty much declined to comment on whether the “attention aware” feature was the reason why their alarm doesn’t sound or just rings at the lowest volume. This feature was initially designed to lower the sound alerts if a user is looking at their device. It can also dim the screen until you stop looking at it.Apple’s online advice page on alarms points to controlling the alarm volume from the “Sounds & Haptics” feature in the settings menu. The page also recommends that users check their alarm sound is not set to “none.”

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