Apple Will be Using The M2 Ultra Chips for Advanced AI Features in the Cloud

| Updated on May 14, 2024
m1 ultra

Apple is planning to get started with its foray into generative AI by getting its data centers loaded with M2 Ultra Chips to handle all the complex queries. According to a recent Bloomberg report, Apple plans to put its M2 Ultra on cloud servers to run more complex AI queries while the simple tasks will be processed on the devices.

The Wall Street Journal had previously reported that Apple wanted to make custom chips to bring to its data centers to ensure security and privacy of the project. The company now believes that its home-grown processors already have sufficient security and privacy components.

The chips will be deployed to Apple data centers and eventually to servers run by third-parties. Apple will be running its own servers in the US and has been working on a new data center in Waukee, Iowa.

apple will use m2 ultra chips

While Apple has not been that fast to respond to generative AI competitors like Google, Meta and Microsoft, they have been putting out research on the tech. In December, Apple’s machine learning research team released MLX, a machine learning framework that can make AI models run efficiently on Apple silicon. 

The company has recently also released many small LLM’s that hint at what AI would look like on one of its devices and how any existing Apple products like Siri might get upgraded.

Apple has since put a lot of emphasis on AI performance in its announcement during the reveal of the M4 chip. They have also stated that the new neural engine on the M4 is very powerful and can run AI with ease.

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