Apple Watch Can Track Naps Automatically with watchOS 11

| Updated on June 25, 2024
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WatchOS 11 now includes a new feature from Apple. The Apple Watch can now detect when you are about to doze off automatically. Before, the Apple Watch could only track sleep if you put it in Sleep Mode. 

Apple Watch Can Track Naps Automatically with watchOS 11

This meant that naps were not recorded unless you turned on Sleep Mode yourself.The new feature was discovered by a Reddit user. Now, your naps can be detected by the Apple Watch and recorded in the Health app. 

This happens even if the watch is not in Sleep Mode. The Health app’s Sleep section displays the nap data.Many people wanted nap tracking on the Apple Watch. 

Before, they had to use other apps to track naps. With watchOS 11, they do not need those apps anymore.This nap tracking feature was not disclosed by Apple when watchOS 11 was unveiled. They only talked about a new Vitals app. This app collects health data during sleep.For those who nap and would like to monitor their entire sleep cycle, this new nap tracking feature is a welcome addition. 

It shows that Apple is making the Apple Watch better for health and wellness.Right now, this feature is for people testing watchOS 11. 

It will be available for all Apple Watch users when watchOS 11 comes out later this year.Many people are happy about this new feature. It was, they believe, long overdue. 

Apple Watch is a multipurpose device that is used by many people for alarm setting, exercise tracking, and sleep tracking. They wonder when they will charge the watch. 

But many agree that the new nap tracking feature is useful.In summary, watchOS 11 brings a helpful new feature to the Apple Watch. It can now automatically track naps, making it easier for users to keep track of all their sleep. 

This update is another step in improving the health features of the Apple Watch.

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