Apple Watch Can Now Track Naps Automatically!

| Updated on June 21, 2024
nap track in apple watch

Apple has added a new feature in the latest watchOS 11 beta update. This feature allows the Apple Watch to track naps automatically. Before, users had to turn on Sleep Focus manually to track naps. 

Apple Watch

This was simple to forget and not very convenient. Now, the watch can track sleep without any extra steps.Users noticed this feature while testing the beta version. 

One user on Reddit, u/jahshua06, saw that the watch tracked naps on its own. But the feature is still new and might not work perfectly for everyone. Some claimed that the sleep data lacked the customary level of detail.This feature was not discussed by Apple at the most recent WWDC conference. 

It also was not mentioned in Apple’s blog about watchOS 11. Thus, users will either need to wait for the final version or test the beta to see how it functions.There are risks associated with beta testing. 

Beta versions often have bugs and can be hard to downgrade from. If something goes wrong, users may have to wait until the next update to get it fixed. 

Those who want to try can do so by installing the beta from the Watch app on an iPhone. To install the update, charge the watch to at least 50%.

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