Apple Vision Pro Can Now Do Room-Scale VR with visionOS 2

| Updated on June 14, 2024
room scale vr

Apple Vision Pro can now do room-scale VR with the new visionOS 2 update. VR could previously only be found in a tiny 3 by 3 meter space. The view would fade as you approached the edge, revealing the outside world. Because of this, VR was less enjoyable.

Apple addressed this issue in VisionOS 2. Now, the real world shows only on the floor when you walk. Better yet, the rest remains in virtual reality.

A developer named Max Thomas used this new feature in his app to stream VR games from a PC. He demonstrated that it works well in the game Beat Saber. Room-scale VR is now available on Vision Pro for other VR games and apps.

For example, the game Job Simulator has different sizes for each level on different headsets. On Vision Pro, it only had a small size. Developers can add larger sizes to the game with visionOS 2, increasing the fun factor.

Developers are happy about this change. The new feature, according to Job Simulator’s creators, is “interesting.” They intend to test it once Unity, a tool for creating video games, supports visionOS 2.

VisionOS 2 also improves Apple Vision Pro’s hand tracking and scene understanding. Users can already download and install this update.

These new features make Apple Vision Pro better and more fun. Apple is continuously improving its VR technology, making it more enjoyable for everyone.

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