Apple to Make AirPods with Cameras by 2026

| Updated on July 1, 2024
apple to make airpods with cameras by 2026

Apple will make new AirPods with cameras. They will begin production in 2026. An expert named Ming-Chi Kuo said this.

Apple to Make AirPods

The new AirPods will have a special camera. This camera is like the one used in iPhones and iPads for Face ID. Apple wants these AirPods to be compatible with Vision Pro and other Apple headsets.

These AirPods will improve sound quality. For example, if you turn your head while watching a video, the sound will follow where you look. This makes the sound feel more real.

The camera can also see changes around you. This may allow you to control things using hand movements.

A company called Foxconn will make the cameras for these AirPods. Foxconn will make 18-20 million of these each year. This means about 10 million pairs of AirPods.

Earlier this year, another expert named Mark Gurman stated that Apple is working on other ezciting projects. This includes smart glasses like Meta Ray-Bans, a smart ring, and new Apple Watches.

Apple has many ideas for these new AirPods. They might do much more than just work with Vision Pro.

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