Apple Drops the Third Beta Update for iOS 17.5

| Updated on April 24, 2024
ios 17.5

Apple has recently announced that they are currently beta-testing the iOS 17.5 build, which could be the last major iOS 17 update before the iOS 18 release. The hidden code in the iOS 17.5 beta has teased what new features Apple will introduce in the new update.

Here are some of the most stand-out features that the new iOS update will bring to your phones:

Web Distribution in the EU

With the upcoming iOS update, developers can now directly offer their apps to the web without depending on the App Store or any other third-party app store. But, this feature will only be limited to iPhone users in the EU.

And, if developers want to become eligible for this web distribution, they need to register with the Apple Developer Program and have at least over a million annual installs of their apps in the EU.

This feature will allow European iPhone users to download apps from third-party sites without being dependent on the App Store.

Quartiles Word Game

If you’re a Wordle fan, then this feature is for you. Apple News+ is getting a new word-based game where users need to combine a series of mini-words to complete the word for each current answer.

This game will be included in the new update along with Crossword and Crossword Mini which can be found in the game center.

Customizable Podcast Widget

Apple is bringing back the color-changing podcast widgets with iOS 17.5. This feature makes the widget match the color of your album art on the currently playing podcast. This feature was introduced in the 17.4 update but was later removed from the stable build. 

We will have to wait and see what Apple will let stay and what they will remove in the iOS 18 release.

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