Apple Pushes Back M4 for Mac Pro & Studio to Mid-2025

| Updated on May 22, 2024
apple m4 mac pro

We all reveled at the launch of the iPad Pros this year with the M4 coming to them first and everybody expected the new Mac Pros and Studios to be getting them soon as well. But according to a recent report, Apple does not plan to include the M4 on these devices this year.

This means that throughout 2024, most of Apple’s laptops (except the MacBook Air) will be getting the M4, but you can expect the Mac Pro and Studios to start getting them by mid-2025.

apple m4 mac pro

According to Mark Gruman from Bloomberg, “This herky-jerky chip upgrade cycle means that the iPad Pro is presently the only performance champion in Apple’s lineup this year and it will continue to do so for another year.”

MacStudio Ultra M2 vs iPad 16.6 Performance Score

The point is, according to comparisons on Geekbench, the iPad Pro can easily outperform the Mac Studio by 25% in any single-core performance. But that will not matter at all when you look at multi-core performance, the M2 Ultra will take the lead in all other areas.

While this is a silly comparison, we can expect the same will be the case for the new iPad Pro vs Mac Studio and Mac Pros. Many high-end Mac users are waiting eagerly till Apple releases the new M4 versions of the Mac Studio and Pros in the middle of next year.

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