Apple and Google Make It Easier to Move Photos from Google Photos to iCloud Photos

| Updated on July 11, 2024
Apple and Google Make It Easier to Move Photos

Apple and Google have made a new tool. It helps users move their Google Photos to iCloud Photos. 

This is part of a big project to make data sharing easy between different platforms. Before, there was a tool to move iCloud Photos to Google Photos, which started in 2021.

This work is from the Data Transfer Project. It aims to make data sharing between online platforms simple. A blog post says this new feature will be ready in a week. 

Apple and Google say this new service will let users move photos directly from Google Photos to iCloud Photos. It finishes the work started with moving iCloud Photos to Google Photos. 

This new tool uses open-source technology and is part of the Data Transfer Project, with partners like Apple, Google, and Meta.

Apple and Google shared guides on how to transfer photos. The service works in over 240 countries. 

But it does not work for child accounts or Managed Apple ID accounts. Also, you can’t transfer data if Advanced Data Protection is on.

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