Apple Adds New Text Features for Green Messages

| Updated on June 26, 2024
Apple Adds New Text Features for Green Messages

Apple is making changes to the Messages app. This is part of a major update known as iOS 18. These changes will improve communication between iPhones and Android phones.

Apple Adds

Right now, when an iPhone texts an Android phone, the messages appear green. They use an old system called SMS or MMS. These systems are not very good. 

It cannot show if a message is delivered. Photos and group chats also do not function properly. Apple is implementing a new system called RCS with iOS 18. RCS stands for Rich Communication Services. It is much better than SMS and MMS. It shows when a message is delivered. 

It also makes photos and group chats look better.Apple showed a picture of what RCS looks like. The image displays green bubbles along with the word “Delivered.” This is new and important.RCS is already used on Android phones with Google’s Messages app. 

However, Apple will enhance RCS with its own unique features. For example, Apple will make messages more secure. Also, iMessage will still be separate from RCS.There are still questions about RCS on iPhones. 

How do group chats operate? Will Android phones respond in kind? Apple has not stated anything yet. We might know more when Apple releases the next iPhone later this year.This change is big for people who text between iPhones and Android phones. It will greatly improve sharing and conversation.

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