Amazon Pours US$9 Billion into Singapore’s Cloud Expansion

| Updated on May 10, 2024
amazon invest dollars

In a recent report, it was found that the e-commerce giant Amazon is planning to spend US$9 billion to expand its cloud computing infrastructure in Singapore.

The outlay will be done over the next four years. Amazon is planning to meet the growing demand for its cloud services and accelerate the adoption of artificial intelligence, as the company stated on Tuesday.

The AI boom has led to a huge increase in demand for cloud services and data centers, as training AI models requires a large amount of resources, like data and computing power.

The U.S. tech giant’s cloud computing arm launched its first Asia-Pacific region in Singapore in 2010—its first foray outside of the U.S. and Europe. Since then, AWS has pumped over SG$11 billion into Singapore’s cloud infrastructure and ecosystem.

Amazon invests in Singapore

Over the years, Amazon has trained over 400,000 people in Singapore in cloud skills and will continue to invest in upskilling as well as improving productivity across the country.  

AWS is one of the world’s largest cloud infrastructure providers and according to data from Synergy Research Group, AWS holds a 31% share of the total global cloud infrastructure.

Just last week, Microsoft also said it will make AI- and cloud-related investments in several Southeast Asian countries—Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia—as it doubles down on the region.

In response, Amazon Web Services has also expanded its footprint in Southeast Asia over the last few years.

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