Understanding The Need Of Artificial Intelligence In Customer Service

| Updated on June 3, 2024
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Providing quality customer service has always been the top priority of businesses for centuries.   

But, as time has passed by, the efficiency of manual labor has fallen short in terms of meeting needs and helping out in the market’s competition.

Thus, artificial intelligence (AI) was introduced and used to prioritize the customer’s needs and concerns when it comes to a product or a service that they avail.

With the help of an AI call center, you can streamline the support and increase your brand’s reputation.

Join me as I embark on understanding what AI is in customer services and its 5 major uses.

So, let’s get started!

What Is AI In Customer Service?  

 AI In Customer Service

Ever since its introduction, AI has become an integral part of the customer care service industry. 

Customer service is considered to be among the crucial aspects of running any business smoothly. It provides you, as a customer, with support and assistance before, during, or after a purchase.

This is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) comes into the role. It refers to integrating AI into customer services to streamline the support system for the customers.                                               

Most of the tools used by this intelligence fall under the wide umbrella of machine learning (ML), which falls under the large language models (LLMs) and natural language processors (NLP). 

These help in generating human-like texts and can be used as customer service chatbots that can help you connect with the concerned departments. 

Now let us understand their 5 major uses in customer services.

The 5 Major Uses Of AI in Customer Services

The major role of customer services involves fostering positive customer experiences, undoubtedly. 

This is why integrating AI into customer services was introduced as an idea for development.  

Thus, AI is being used for several reasons, but listed below are the 5 major reasons why we use them in customer services:

Reduces the Average Handling Times (AHT)    

Average Handling Times

This is one of the most extraordinary benefits brought by AI-powered customer support. 

What sets it apart from traditional customer service, is its interaction and availability for the customers in several ways, including AI-powered chatbots.

These are interactive services that provide customers with support and solutions for their basic concerns to a great extent in real time.

Thus, there are not many waiting hours now in case you want to engage with the customer service agents.

Apart from that, you also receive notifications regarding the offers of the products, offers, and deliveries as well. So, overall AI when integrated into customer service, it prioritizes the customers.

60% of online clients do not like to wait for more than 60 seconds for an inquiry response. This is why chatbots are reducing their response time to minimize client wait times to increase consumer loyalty.

Helps Manage Huge Amounts of Data   

Helps Manage Huge Amounts of Data   

Customer services require you to retain a humongous amount of data on customer interactions. 

It increases with the business’s growth to increase efficient data storage within a matter of minutes and is reusable.

What makes it rank among the top 5 major uses is that it has no limitations, unlike the traditional methods for providing customer services. 

You can process them with AI and also learn about consumer behaviors along with their:

  • Inquiries
  • Complaints
  • Concerns

Thus, in this manner, you can formulate the perfect digital marketing strategies, and with the help of customer relationship management tools they can manage huge amounts of data.

Provides Omnichannel Support  

Provides Omnichannel Support  

With the help of multichannel customer support, get in touch with the brands that they prefer. 

This helps bring a positive impact on the brands that have helped build brand awareness among potential consumers.

But how has AI helped in this? It can help you to quickly build and prepare the database from various sources, and then it centralizes all the information related to the consumers through multiple networks.

So by using this approach, you can streamline your customer services to make their experience amazing.

This helps in empowering your business while having a loyal consumer base along with a good reputation for good management.

24×7 Customer Services 

24×7 Customer Services 

CRM tools help you by providing 24×7 customer services on a global basis, regardless of the time zone!

Thus, it is safe to say that it helps your business offer support around the clock that minimizes manual efforts while streamlining the work.

Since customers in modern times hate waiting, it also keeps them engaged by offering them the brands that they prefer through different channels.

This increases  interactions and engagement with the customers while learning their views about the products.

So overall, in this manner, you can make the entire process seamless and also provide FAQs on this basis.

Saves Time And Cost

Saves Time And Cost

73% of business leaders opted for AI chatbots since they found it as the leading source of the leading customer service applications.

With this in mind, many businesses have switched to it  to cut costs and save time.

It removes the burden of the manual labor that you would have to put into collecting and saving them in one place. This also leads to an increase in the cost as well.

So by using AI, you figure out the automation setting and just instruct it on how you wish to streamline your performance.  

Accordingly, it then works on improving consumer services by using CRM tools, which  also saves time.

Final Outputs

Customer service is a quite demanding field that could make or break a business or industry. The main priority is the customer, and this can be achieved by integrating AI into it.

This is exactly what has been done to prioritize the customer and their needs through rapid responses and a reduced waiting period. 

With the considerations in context to the 5 major uses of AI in customer services, integrate it into your businesses as well for elevating growth.

Therefore, you will also have high brand awareness as well as increased customer loyalty due to the satisfactory response!

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