Design A Character Using AI: 4 Easy Steps

| Updated on June 17, 2024

Creating a character by drawing it either on paper or digitally can be a difficult task. You might spend hours trying to get every detail right, from their look to their personality. 

But what if there was an easier way? Good news! With AI technology, designing characters is becoming simpler and more fun.

One cool thing about using AI for design is that it saves tons of time and opens up endless creative possibilities. 

You can gather inspiration, feed its personality traits in AI generator tools, and modify accordingly. 

Our article will show you steps to make your own characters using artificial intelligence, which is a convenient option even if you’re not a pro artist or writer.

Step 1: Research Your Character 

Research Your Character 

Every art work needs research as the first step before starting designing. Start by pulling together ideas and looking at other characteristics to spark your creativity.

Here are a few ways that you can start researching and developing your character:

Gather Inspiration and References

  • Look around for things that inspire you in famous books and movies or art and cultural symbols. These serve as visual references, helping you imagine your character’s look and feel.
  • Think about what emotions, skills, or principles you want to show. Is it bravery like a warrior from an ancient tale? Or maybe a cleverness found in a modern-day detective? Collect pictures, quotes, or items that bring these ideas into focus.
  • Next, explore the emotional and cultural layers of your character design. Consider how inspirational figures impact us with their stories. It should represent something meaningful like courage during tough times or wisdom gained through experience.
  • Use examples from media or historical events as guidelines for creating a relatable yet unique personality. The clearer your vision is at this step, the easier it will be to use AI tools effectively later on.

Explore Different Personality Traits

The next move is to dig into personality traits like looks; their behaviors, thoughts, and feelings make them real.

Let’s help you to delve deeper into the personality traits of your character: 

  • Personality traits can range from how they react emotionally to how they think.
  • These traits get scores on a scale of 1 to 5. This means you can decide if your character is very brave or just a little bit.
  • AI helps us understand these traits better. Tools like use AI to show different sides of personality. 
  • For example, some AI designs might be very curious or great at solving problems because of their “speculativeness” or “iteration preference.” 
  • They even have emotional intelligence which changes how they interact with users.

So when designing your character’s personality, using these AI insights makes them feel more alive and true-to-life.

Step 2: Use AI Character Generators

Jump into using AI character generators! This step makes creating your dream design fun and easy.



Creating characters with PopAi is like having a magic wand for design. This tool offers chat features where you can talk directly to AI, making it super easy to share your ideas and get suggestions.

Other features of PopAi are: 

  • It’s cool because you can use documents during these chats, mixing text and visuals seamlessly.
  • Everything you talk about or create gets saved in the chat history. So, if you ever need to go back and find an idea or change something, it’s all right there. 
  • Plus, PopAi gives every user their very own AI workspace – think of it as your personal corner of creativity on the internet where everything stays just how you like it.
  • Explore character creation with an extra edge using their ai image generator, bringing those sketches in your head out into the world for everyone to see!
PopAi Image Generator



Midjourney is your go-to tool for creating AI illustrations with many exciting features that will ignite your creativity. 

  • You can adjust settings like style, seeding, and quality to get amazing results. First, you’ll make a portrait that looks just right.
  • Then, you move on to action poses to show off what your character can do.
  • This AI helps change images into vector graphics with Vectorizer.AI and uses the faceswap plugin from InSwap. That way, your creations keep looking consistent across different pictures.
  • It’s all about getting those details perfect—making sure every part of your design fits together well.

Step 3: Develop Your Character’s Backstory

Creating a deep backstory is key. Think about where your character comes from and what drives them. It adds depth to the personality, connecting it with the audience. 

Consider Their History and Motivations

To develop your character’s backstory, think about what happened in their past. This step adds depth and makes it feel real. Let’s explore this idea in detail.

  • Ask why they act the way they do. What big events changed them? Try using an AI Character Backstory Generator to give life to these stories.
  • It helps you figure out their motivations, desires, and conflicts.Think also about the quirks and flaws that make them unique. 
  • Maybe a historic event or cultural background plays a big part in who they are today. These bits add richness to your story.
  • Motivations push creations to do things in your story. This effort creates designs readers can believe in because of their complex backgrounds and clear desires.

Give Them Unique Quirks and Flaws

Characters come to life when they have quirks and flaws. These imperfections make them relatable and engaging. 

For instance, a character might always forget names or be afraid of heights.

These traits open up avenues for conflicts and struggles that shape their story. Imagine a character with an unresolved conflict from their past. It adds depth and invites readers on a journey of discovery.

Quirks aren’t just for laughs; they can lead to significant plot twists. Maybe your hero’s inability to lie puts them in hot water, creating intrigue. 

Flaws like stubbornness or fear can drive the narrative forward, making every action count.

Generative AI in Art Market forecast from 2022-2032

STATISTICS: The graph shows the consistent growth and forecast of generative AI in the art market from 2022 to 2032.

Step 4: Bring Your Character to Life

Now you’ve got a design and a story, it’s time to make your character move. Use AI tools to add animations and try out different styles to see your creation in action.

Utilize AI for Animations

Use AI to make your design move and talk with tools like Krikey AI Animation Maker, you can animate in just five steps. Your creation will have faces, bodies, and voices made by AI.

Make it fun by adding unique voices with a voice generator to make your cartoon seem real.

You can also create animations that let your creation chat like a real person. Think of it like an interactive person on websites or apps. 

With dynamic interaction, your animations will respond in surprising ways every time someone talks to them.

USEFUL TIP: You can also use personalized avatars for stories or games where users want their own special look.

Experiment with Different Styles

Playing with different styles boosts your creativity. lets you pick from realistic, polaroid photo, caricature, and manga styles for your character. 

This makes each design stand out. You can mix these styles to make something new and exciting.

Trying out various illustration techniques or avatar customization can lead to unique designs. 

This artistic experimentation is key to visual storytelling and crafting a character that captures attention.


Storytelling with the help of characters is creative and fun. When it becomes a task and you face certain artistic blocks, or need some assistance, use AI generative tools like PopAi. 

It seamlessly gives a playground with exciting drawing and idea features that will give more depth to your design. 

Just like humans are not perfect, efficient automated tools help you create avatars that have flaws but also a dark past. 

So, go ahead and start making your own amazing characters with AI today!

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