Destiny 2 Mass Effect Collab Guide

| Updated on April 16, 2024

If you’re a fan of legendary first-person shooter Destiny 2, the game has just launched its latest collaboration with an epic RPG Mass Effects, where you can claim the Alliance Requisitions Bundle at no extra cost. 

It includes Enhanced Defense Ghost Shell, Alliance Drop Ship Sparrow, and Alliance Scout Frigate Ship. 

You may remember when earlier this year, Destiny 2 implemented the crossover with The Witcher Game, this event saw the participation of new players in the community. 

Similarly, this event will not only welcome new players but also allow the users to claim the popular sci-fi items from mass effects, further enhancing the game quality and gamer engagement. 

So in this read, we will explore the dynamics of the collaboration between Destiny 2 and Mass Effect, the latest development in the game, and the arrival of Mass Effect armor set. 

Let’s dive right in! 

Latest Development in Destiny 2

With the latest development in Destiny 2, the frustrating bugs such as players being unable to reacquire the Chivalric Fire Legendary Sword and the Stormcaller Warlock’s Ball Lightning melee projectile failing to spawn have been fixed. 

The new updates target the strand and solar abilities such as: 

  • Strand’s Threading Specter gets a class ability regeneration penalty
  • Damage nerfs to Threadlings
  • Arcane Needle aim tracking buffs and assist
  • It fixes Solar Restoration and Radiant duration.
  • It also Buffs to Solace, Ember of Mercy, and Empyrean effects

If you are a hardcore fan of the game and want to explore the latest developments between Destiny 2 and Mass Effects you can follow the Twitter account of Mass Effect and Destiny 2. 

Did You Know

The daily player count of Destiny 2 is estimated to be 425,000 with a total player base of 44,736,889.

Curious about the anticipated arrival of the Mass Effect armor sets in Destiny 2?

This highly anticipated collaboration on 13 February infuses the Mass Effect elements of Destiny 2 that not only boosts user engagement but also enhances their gaming experience. These collaborative sets have no expiration dates 

With this iconic crossover event, Titans can access the Iconic Shepard N7 armor and Hunters can get a Garrus Vakarian set. It also lets warlocks pick up a Shadow broker set based on Liara Tsoni. 

The Mass Effect armor set in the game can cost you 2000 silver, which is $20, and you can get this at the Eververse store in the game. And if you want smoother gameplay check out the   Destiny 2 raid carries for a more intriguing experience. 

Will the acquisition of the Mass Effect armor set in Destiny 2 ignite a fiscal conundrum for you?

While the crossover is going to be an epic event bringing the legendary items from the sci-fi world of Mass Effect it can also ignite a fiscal conundrum for you. 

The Mass Effect armor brings a significant change in the gaming experience while greatly affecting your winning strike. You need to be prepared for 2,000 silver which can cost you up to $20, a slight bump since the last update where the gamers were spending 1,500 silver (costing $15)

The below chart shows the increasing number of players in Destiny 2 From November 2021 to November 2022

Cumulative registered Destiny


In closing, the collision between these beloved franchises is going to bring a revolutionary change in the gaming industry

The previous epic collaboration between Destiny 2 and The Witcher game series ensnares its community while bringing the striking elements from the game to enhance its user experience. This collision on the 13th of February is also promising a beyond-realm gaming experience. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: You can claim the Alliance Requisitions Bundle at no extra cost including the Alliance Scout Frigate Ship, Alliance Drop Ship Sparrow, and Enhanced Defense Ghost Shell. Along with that Mass Effect fans can also purchase the Flux Dance emote and Omni Strike finisher, which are available at the Eververse store.

Ans: The armor set in the game costs 2000 silver, which can cost you $20, you can get this at the Eververse store in the game.

Ans: The armor in the Mass Effects is great but the Colossus X armor is one of the finest looking. it comes with dark black plating and intricate red designs, they make for a fearsome sight on the battlefield

Ans: The new features of the game include:

Ans: Some of the gamers are concerned if the final shape is the end of Destiny 2 as it concludes the light and darkness storyline. However, the developers have confirmed that the story will continue. Bungie has also stated that Destiny 3 is not in the plans and everything will be rolled up in Destiny 2 in the future.

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