The 5 Best Car Apps For Better Driving

| Updated on May 13, 2024
better driving

The driving experience has progressed with the world becoming increasingly advanced in technology. This led to the development of mobile* applications that help assist drivers in navigating to their destinations, fuel stations, and much more.

Apart from that, it also offers a multitude of other aspects like displaying traffic conditions and alerts regarding sharp turns, and much more. 

These applications also help you keep a record of the concerned apps or contacts so that you can drive hand-free and use voice commands. 

This helps you avoid the hazardous situations that are usually faced by drivers due to distracted driving, thus, prioritizing your safety by attempting to eliminate the possibility of such cases. 

Are you one of those drivers looking for safe and efficient ways to enhance your driving experience?  Then this is the perfect guide for you to learn about the top 5 apps for a better driving experience and how these applications have changed it.

It is not recommended to use your smartphone while driving your car, since there are a lot of risks associated with distracted driving. It is advised to set up the applications in a safe space, i.e., when you are at your home, or a place where you do not have to move around. Once it is set up, the driving experience becomes smoother and safer.

Top 5 Apps For Better Driving Experience

There have been several attempts to make a successful platform for enhancing your experience while driving, but it is not always possible to have the features compiled in one app. 

This is why we will be providing you with the top 5 apps for better driving experience, which are as follows:

Crash Alert

Crash Alert

Listed among one of the most essential apps, Crash Alert helps in detecting car crashes and connects you to emergency services. 

The emergency calls made to reach out to the emergency services use a mobile data connection or Wi-Fi Calling from your Apple device. 

It also determines the severity of the crash along with the exact location, making it easy for the emergency services to come to your aid.

What makes this app among the top picks is its post-crash assistance by providing all the required evidence and support, to expedite the claims process in legal proceedings.

Find My Car

Find My Car

Being as simple as it is, Find My Car is considered to be a useful app that uses GPS services and Internet connectivity that helps to navigate you back to your parked car.

It is an essential app that uses augmented reality, radar tracking, and simple map view. There is also a feature alarm that is set up to help you avoid parking fines simultaneously. 

All you need to do before leaving the parking spot just save the location where you have parked the car and then the app will help in tracking down your car in an efficient manner.

GPS Speedometer – Odometer


Considered to be one of the most accurate speed distance trackers and reliable, the GPS Speedometer-Odometer has been of great help for all types of vehicles. 

The accuracy of speed measurement is 100% and displays in different scale units like km/h, mph, and knots among various others. 

It is capable of working online as well as offline and buzzes whenever you are exceeding the set speed limit to warn about the speed.

Overall, this app is a powerful speed and distance tracker that is capable of measuring the speed, time, location, and distance precisely.

iBolt Dock’n Drive

iBolt Dock’n Drive

Among several other car apps, iBolt Dock’n Drive is one of those that encourages car safety by converting your phone into your driving assistant. 

It pairs our phone with the car’s docking station with your smartphone along with customized large buttons for easy access and a hands-free experience to avoid any hazardous situations.

The application is available for both iOS and Android users for free and is used for purposes like GPS navigation as well as calling someone from your favorites list with just a click.



With a community of 50 million users worldwide, Waze is among the must-have applications that provide you with access to the conditions of the traffic (live updates), live routing, and alerts.

The app also facilitates you with voice-assisted navigation safety hazard alerts and notifications of Facebook friends in case they are heading in the same direction as you.

Waze is available for free and helps drivers like you across the globe connect and work together to improve the driving experience for each one of you.

How Have Car Apps Changed The Driving Experience?

 Driving Experience

As time has passed by, with the development of technology, smartphones have become a vital component of our everyday lives. 

Today, they are no longer just being used for basic convenience like gaming, but also for making the driving experience smoother and safer for you. 

They have grown past the phrase from being able to just do basic functions to having the ability to analyze the behavior of fellow drivers around you as well as their vehicle’s speed. 

Moreover, these applications are a mega success among drivers like you in their ability to meet your driving or traveling needs like the arrival time at the destination, nearest pump stations, washrooms, and marts. 

Apart from these aspects, one of the most useful features that has made it easier for drivers like you is data collection. 

They keep track of your location, phone calls, texts, and all the concerned information. This means that you can go hands-free without worrying about scrolling through the phone to call someone or picking up the calls since they work on voice commands as well.

NOTE: The collected data is used for understanding your driving habits, frequent visiting places, important contacts, speed, and radio stations that you are a frequent listener of. This helps in providing a more customized way of providing analytics and options to you.

Overall Inputs

Although using mobile phones while driving is not recommended, several mobile applications were developed with time, focusing on making navigation easier and improving your level of driving safety. 

It helps you in numerous ways, ranging from finding the nearest gas station to alerting you regarding the safety hazards that may lie there. 

Thus, utilizing the apps listed above can help in enhancing your driving experience as well as the maintenance of your car. 

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