Outsource AutoCAD Drafting: A Key to Efficient Paper to CAD Conversion

| Updated on March 13, 2024
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With technological advances, AutoCAD drafting has become a known term in the architectural field. It is the process of drafting precise technical drawings and designs using AutoCAD software, also known as computer-aided design software.

Using this software in firms and construction companies eliminates any chances of flaws in the paper-to-CAD conversion. However, setting up this software and hiring specialized CAD drafting personnel in the company can be quite expensive.

So, why not Outsource AutoCAD Drafting? These outsourcing services will save you a lot of money and resources. 

Hence, today we are going to explore the outsourced AutoCAD drafting services and how they can prove beneficial for your firm. So, let’s dive straight in!

AutoCAD Drafting: Paper to CAD Conversion

First, let’s get to know what AutoCAD drafting is! AutoCAD drafting is a commercial software tool that is used to turn manual designs into digital ones. It includes drawing a plan to demonstrate how a certain design will function. Nowadays, many industries are using paper to CAD conversion services to facilitate the designing and building of complex structures. 

Let’s see how AutoCAD drafting works: The process of paper-to-CAD conversion services includes the following steps:

  • Scan the paper drawings into digital images.
  • Convert the format of the drawing from raster to vector format.
  • Cleaning and editing the image to improve overall accuracy.
  • Layering the drawing into different elements.
  • Save the file in CAD format.

These services have almost become a crucial aspect of the design and engineering fields. Thus, it’s becoming vital to implement it in manufacturing companies. 

Moving on, let’s look at why you should outsource these services instead of setting up a separate department for AutoCAD drafting.

AutoCAD is free, so you don’t need to worry about purchasing the software for design conversions.

Why Outsource CAD Conversion Services?

As a business owner, you already know how hard it is to keep up with technological trends. However, with outsourcing the IT experts, you can easily hop on the trends. 

By outsourcing the engineering or design-related tasks, you can get accurate output that represents your initial design and ideas. Whether you are in construction, engineering, manufacturing, or architecture, you can easily access the CAD model with these services. 

This way, your engineering staff can prioritize the project at hand and leave the designing duties to a third party. Furthermore, you won’t have to acquire the modeling software and computers to proceed with your project. 

These are some common benefits that we have discussed above. If you want to know more about the benefits of these outsourcing services, keep reading!

Precision and Expertise

CAD conversion is no easy feat and consequently requires prior technical knowledge. So, when you outsource these services from a credible provider, you can acquire IT experts who are updated with the CAD’s recent technologies and programs. These professionals can help you achieve your project’s goal with relative ease.


The firms often require different CAD models based on the project they are working on. So, if you are outsourcing CAD services, you can easily adapt to changing needs and scale up the business accordingly.

Time-Saving and Cost-effective

Acquiring IT staff from a third party can save you significant time and money. For example, for complicated design conversions, you can take the help of the experienced staff and focus on the core projects.

Increased Interaction and Communication

When you hire specialized staff for CAD conversion, you can expect increased communication. They will give you timely updates, work status, and work reports, as they work as a component of your team.

Seamless Integration with In-house Operations

The outsourced staff seamlessly integrates into your current operations and promotes smooth communication. Thus, you don’t have to worry about internal disputes after outsourcing the CAD services.

Gives Upper-hand in the Competitive Market

With the availability of experienced staff that excels in CAD modeling programs, you can improve your relevancy in the market. It will help you stand out from the rest of the industry.

Use of Latest Tools and Technology

The outsourced staff is quick to catch up on technological trends and let you know of the changes to elevate your operational tasks. So, if you are worried about changing the outsourcing services often to meet market demands, you can rest assured.

Follow International Standards and Norms

The outsourcing service provider can help you comply with international standards and norms like DIN, ASME, and ANSE. So, make sure to look for a qualified supplier that helps you achieve reliable solutions.

In conclusion, outsourcing CAD services can elevate your CAD conversion operations within the organization.

Additional Services You Can Expect From Outsourcing AutoCAD Drafting

When you get help from outsourcing services, you can also expect some other services that might prove beneficial to your business operations. Here are some other conversions you can look forward to:

  • PDF to CAD conversion: If your business includes note-taking and turning it into PDFs for portable use, you can leverage the PDF to CAD conversion.
  • Image to CAD Conversion: You can also convert images in GIF, TIFF, JPG, and BMP formats into CAD files.
  • 2D to 3D Conversion: Crafting the 2D design is a process for many projects, and you can turn these 2D form designs into 3D with AutoCAD drafting services.

Many such services are included with the CAD conversions. However, these services vary based on the service provider you are getting acquainted with. So, do your research and look into their services before hiring them.


Outsourcing AutoCAD drafting services can allow you to experience a profound precision in designs that is impossible to achieve with manual designs. Moreover, you will be able to leverage increased productivity to succeed in the market.

However, when you are looking for an outsourcing service provider, remember the four aspects: look into the experience in conversion services, the accuracy of converted drawings, compare the prices of different providers, and look into the turnaround time for projects. 

It will help you find the right supplier that meets your organization’s needs and help you prosper in the industry.

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