The Law in the Digital Age: How Tech is Transforming Personal Injury Claims

| Updated on May 2, 2024
tech in claim

Tech has made its presence in almost every aspect of daily lifestyle. From businesses to education, digitization has made its noticeable presence in daily operations. 

The legal domain is no exception. Courtrooms, advocate’s chambers, everything is getting digitized. 

According to the Geitnuz market data report 2024, the global legal tech market size was valued at $15.1 billion in 2021 and is projected to reach $37.9 billion by 2027. 

It is clear from these statistics, that law firms are eager to integrate legal tech to streamline processes and improve overall productivity. 

In personal injury cases, the tech plays a significant role in collecting evidence, audio-visual presentation, litigation, and other aspects of the complete process. 

We provide in this article more details of the revolutionary transformation in personal injury claims that are accelerated by the digital age. 

Digital Evidence Collection

digital evidence collection

Chicago has never been shy of taking advantage of new technologies. Personal injury lawyers in Chicago are implementing technological advancements in law to provide justice to their clients.  If you are an accident victim and want to file a claim, you can hire a personal injury lawyer in Chicago and carry on your legal process with the help of technology. 

Evidence plays a decisive role in decision-making, especially in personal injury claims. With proper evidence, the chances of you winning the claim rise significantly. 

With modern technology like surveillance cameras, gathering proofs and recordings regarding your case has become easier. Also, the collected proofs can be stored safely in cloud spaces, so that they can be recovered when needed.

Other digital pieces that can be of great help in data collection are wearables (such as smartwatches), spy cameras, mobile phones, dash cams, etc. Smartwatches can be used to access the data such as heart rate, etc. 

Leveraging Research & Management Software

 Legal Tech

Digitization has made everything convenient as compared to the traditional methods. Similarly, the time taken to research and manage the facts together was huge back in the day. 

Google is a pool filled with relevant information for your research. Numerous professionals seek assistance from the search engine to study relevant cases that happened in the past and take notes from their proceedings. 

Likewise, there is a pile of information and data that can be of use. 

Speaking of management, several courts on district, state, or central levels, provide their applications and software where both clients and the counsel can track the progress and interim order of their respective matters. 

Streamlined and Distant Communication

Digital Courtroom

Being away from the court is no longer a problem. Especially post-COVID, courts have happily accepted and integrated the video conferencing mode for litigation. 

In some cases when the counsel is not able to present in the premises due to obvious reasons, they can move to their laptop or computer, and attend the proceedings virtually.

Maintaining Digital Records

Record Management

Numerous details such as medical records are filled along with the plaint. Especially in criminal matters such as personal injury, these records hold a decisive responsibility that can shape the overall outcome.

Along with medical records, replies from opposite parties, interim orders, and other documents also need to remain safe. This is where record management software comes under the limelight.

These solutions are equipped with all safety features such as password protection, encryption, etc. to maintain the client’s privacy.

Greater Value for Money & Cost-Effectiveness

Since your records are now maintained digitally, proceedings are attended via video conferencing, and most of your expenses are neglected. 

However, it is always recommended to attend the case in person, VC can still be helpful in some uncertainties.

Also, the amount that software solutions charge is much cheaper than the effort and workforce equipped if records are maintained manually. They also result in the elimination of human errors.

Future of Tech in Legal Domain

Wherever tech is integrated, it makes lives easier and more convenient. In the legal domain, the revolution seems to have a bright future and no holding back. 

Futuristic practices like Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are also expected to make their presence in the industry for better legal proceedings. 


This graph can give you a clear idea of how big the industry is and its massive growth rate of 7.8% CAGR.

However, no matter how modern or futuristic technology gets, there will always be a need for logical and critical thinking that can only be possible with us humans.


Technology nowadays is unavoidable. Even if you try to, at some point in time you will encounter a digital item. Similarly, the case is in the legal industry. 

Professionals and courts are integrating software solutions that help in managing records, attending proceedings with video conferencing, etc. Not only are these operations convenient like never before, but they also make them streamlined and smooth.

Programs responsible for managing records provide advanced security features like password protection and encryption to keep the client’s data safe. If you like or find this article helpful in any way possible, share it with your friends.

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