YouTube Premium May Get New Plans Soon!

| Updated on July 10, 2024
youtube premium

YouTube is thinking about new Premium plans. These plans allow you to share benefits with friends.Right now, YouTube Premium costs $13.99 each month. 

YouTube Premium

You can also get a family plan for $22.99. This plan lets you add up to five family members. There is also a student plan that costs $7.99 per month.YouTube is working on more changes too. They want to make it easier to control Premium features. 

They also want to fix issues with video downloads. YouTube wants to make video storage better on your device.In a post on the YouTube community forum, a YouTube team member named Hazel said they want to add more paid plans. 

They are thinking about ways for you to share benefits with friends.YouTube may offer a cheaper plan with no ads but fewer features. This could allow more people to afford Premium.YouTube is also working on fixing problems. 

For example, losing your place in a video queue and making Premium controls easier to find. They want to make sure the “Continue watching” feature only works for the videos you are watching now.

These changes are part of YouTube’s efforts to improve Premium. They will continue to work on these issues to improve YouTube for everyone.

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