OnePlus Nord 4 Design: A Bold Move in Budget Phones

| Updated on July 10, 2024
nord 4

You do not expect an affordable phone like the OnePlus Nord 4 to try to be a design icon. 

OnePlus Nord 4

But in photos of the new sample, it sure make a statement with an all-metal build.Instead of using glass with metal sides like flagship phones, or cheap plastic like budget phones, OnePlus take a different way with the Nord 4. 

It calls it “the only metal unibody 5G smartphone on the market” made from aluminum. 

Metal is not common for phones now because 5G antennas need less interference. But OnePlus says Nord 4 still supports 5G well because it redesigns antennas cleverly.

The Nord 4 stands out with its look and feel. The metal body gives it a premium touch, something not expected in budget phones. The aluminum body also makes it sturdy and durable, promising long life even with rough use. 

This is a big plus for people who want good looking and tough phone without spending much.But there are concerns too. Metal body can make the phone heavy, and some users prefer lighter phones. Also, metal can get warm quickly, which might be a problem during long use. 

OnePlus, however, claim they address these issues with good heat management and design tweaks.The Nord 4 also keep things simple with a minimalist design. 

There no flashy colors or unnecessary details. It has clean lines and smooth finish, making it look elegant and classy. This is a smart move by OnePlus, targeting users who prefer subtle yet stylish designs.

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