Is Apple Launching ALVR on Vision Pro?

| Updated on June 20, 2024
is apple launching alvr on vision pro

The ALVR app is now available on the visionOS App Store for Apple Vision Pro users. ALVR is a tool that helps Meta Quest headsets function as PC VR headsets. 

This is exciting news for VR enthusiasts who want to try out virtual reality experiences with their Apple Vision Pro devices.

ALVR is less well-known than similar tools such as Virtual Desktop, Steam Link, and Quest (Air) Link, but it provides an open-source alternative to VR streaming. It has been around for quite some time and has gained popularity among users looking for a different VR streaming solution.

Apple Launching ALVR

Zhuowei Zhang, a software developer, first ported ALVR to Vision Pro, but the port had numerous problems. 

However, Max Thomas, another programmer, significantly improved the app, making it more stable and functional. The enhanced version was released on TestFlight in March and is now officially available on the visionOS App Store, making it accessible to all Vision Pro users.

ALVR for Vision Pro brings several improvements, including automatic connection discovery, room-scale support, and a higher refresh rate mode on visionOS 2. These enhancements enhance the overall VR experience for Vision Pro users.

Although ALVR doesn’t offer full controller support like some other VR streaming tools, it can work with Bluetooth controllers such as Nintendo Joy-Cons. 

This enables users to simulate controller inputs for VR games, though the experience may be less seamless than using dedicated VR controllers.

All things considered, Apple Vision Pro users who are interested in VR gaming should be pleased that ALVR is now available on the visionOS App Store. It expands the options for experiencing virtual reality content and opens up new possibilities for immersive gaming experiences on Vision Pro devices.

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