Is Text Search Dying? Google’s AI-Driven Search Redesign Sparks Debate

| Updated on May 17, 2024
is text search dying

Just last year, Google stated that AI was the future of search. Well, that future might already be here. After the Google I/O conference, Google has apparently started to roll out its new “AI Overviews” feature.

We are all familiar with its past name, Search Generative Experience or SGE, which was still experimental. It’s not just an experiment anymore and everyone around the globe will pretty soon stand witness to seeing AI-generated summaries at the top of many of their search results.

googles new ai powered search page

Google’s new Head of Search also commented, “What we see with generative AI is that Google can do more of the searching for you. It can take a bunch of hard work out of searching, so you can focus on the parts you want to do to get things done, or on the parts of exploring that you find exciting.

Google recently also announced at the I/O conference that while the new AI overview feature might help you ease your searches, its other tools are not that far off either. For example, its new Lens feature will let you search by capturing a video. 

There is also a new planning tool that is designed to automatically generate a trip itinerary or a meal plan based on a single query.

There is also a new AI feature that will give you a summary of the results on the search page itself.

Google is pretty much all about AI now. No matter what you’re doing, whether it is typing, speaking, taking a picture, or shooting a video, its new AI will automatically cater to all your needs.

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