Public Sector Cybersecurity: Google Offers Alternative to ‘Problematic’ Microsoft Products

| Updated on May 24, 2024
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After all of Microsoft’s failures in the public cybersecurity sector, tech giant Google is now pouncing on Microsoft’s weathered enterprise security rep by pushing its own alternative services to government-run institutions.

According to a recent report from the US Cyber Safety Review Board (CSRB), it was found that Microsoft’s security issues are the result of the company “deprioritizing” enterprise security. And, this is where Google states that it might be able to help.

While Google’s pitch might not be as direct as that of Microsoft, it constantly refers to Microsoft as “the vendor” throughout its blog posts. Google states that the CSRB “showed a lack of a strong commitment to security to create preventable errors and serious breaches.”

google offers alternative to problematic Microsoft products

It also stated that platforms “have a responsibility” to stick to strong security practices. And, of course, who is more responsible than Google?”

Google also recommended in its post that governments use “systems and products that are secure by design and that public sector entities regularly subject their tech products and services to security re-certification.”

Microsoft is still dealing with an ongoing breach from Midnight Blizzard, a Russian hacker group that has gained access to its executive communications and stolen source code from it. That and other breaches are cited by the CSRB’s April report as evidence the company had “deprioritized” enterprise security.

Microsoft is concerned and trying to win back trust. It isn’t clear what it will do to that end, but Nadella has urged employees to “do security” whenever they’re faced with a choice between that or other priorities, which seems like a good start.

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