Google Lays Off Entire Python Team in Cost-Cutting Move

| Updated on May 2, 2024
google lays off entire python team to cut costs

Google has recently laid off many of its employees in the past couple of weeks as a result of protests about the Israel deal. In a new report, the Sundar Pichai-led company has now been on a firing spree and has also fired its entire Python team as well.

As stated in a report covered by the Free Press Journal, Google is planning to hire cheaper Python developers from outside of the US to reduce costs for the company.

In a statement, a former Google Python team member stated that the firing deeply saddened him and that it had been the best job of his entire career.

The report also suggests that Google has been building a new Python team in Munich, Germany. The US Python team now has less than 10 members who were responsible for overseeing a large part of the Python ecosystem at Google.

Google lays off entire Python team

Their work included maintaining a stable version of Python at Google, updating thousands of third-party packages, and developing a type checker.

Business Insider has recently also made job cuts across its real estate and finance departments too. The finance teams affected include Google’s treasury, business services, and revenue cash operations.

Google’s finance chief, Ruth Porat, emailed staff that the restructuring includes expanding growth to Bangalore, Mexico City, and Dublin. And, aside from all this Google als also let go of hundreds of workers across multiple teams in January, including its engineering, hardware, and assistant teams, as the company ramped up investment and built its artificial intelligence offerings.

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