The New Adobe Photoshop Gets an AI Upgrade: Unveiling the All-New AI Image Generator

| Updated on April 24, 2024
image generator

When Adobe added the Generative Fill option to Photoshop in May 2023, the internet went wild with how this one small tool had changed their photo editing experience forever.

And on Tuesday at Adobe Max London, the company recently unveiled its latest addition to the Photoshop lineup. Adobe has now upgraded its Generative Fill tool with the new powered-up Firefly 3 model.

They have also introduced other new features and tools that will take your photo editing experience to new heights. The upgraded Photoshop will make it easier for users to add or tweak elements to their projects.

These new tools include the all-new “Generate Image” feature, which will let users generate images from text prompts without having to leave the application.

Generate Image feature

And that’s not all, they have also upgraded the Generative fill feature, which now allows users to upload reference images to generate new elements for their project that best fits in with the reference picture style.

Similarly, the “Generate Similar” feature also lets users import images and generate variations that they can add to their projects. And finally, the “Generate Background” feature lets users replace or create any kind of background for their images.

With Adobe’s third generation Firefly Model, users can create higher quality images as compared to the previous gen models. It is now available in a public beta for everyone. This means that anyone can try Firefly 3 outside of Photoshop via the Firefly web app.

Adobe has stated that this latest Firefly model is capable of delivering amazing and photorealistic images like never before.

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