Apple’s New iPhone Has Battery Time Savers!

| Updated on June 18, 2024
battery time saver

Apple is making iPhones better! Even when your battery is dead, you can still see the time with iOS 18. Also, you can set new charging limits to make your battery last longer. For now, this feature is limited to iPhone 15 models, but it may eventually be added to other phones as well.

iPhone Has Battery Time Savers

This feature may not appear to be as useful as it is, but it will forever change the technology industry. The best thing that sets the iPhone apart from all other smartphones on the market is its built-in timer and battery indicator. 

You will not believe how many people do not know how long their battery will last between charges. If you have an important meeting or need to work on an assignment and your battery is running a little low, these features can really save your bacon.

When your battery dies, you can still see the time on your iPhone 15. This is great because you won’t miss your train or important things. iOS 18 also helps your battery last longer by letting you choose how much to charge, like 85%, 90%, or 95%.

However, keep in mind that these new tips are still in testing, so do not update your primary iPhone just yet. Hold off on trying them until the public beta comes out next month.

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