Apple Announces Limited-Time iPhone Trade-In Boost! Get More for Your Old Phone

| Updated on May 24, 2024
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Apple has just launched a new time-limited promotion where you can trade in your old one in exchange for a new iPhone. The offer is valid from June 3, and only for customers who want to trade in their iPhone 11 or newer at the Apple Store.

By exchanging your old iPhone you’ll get extra credit towards your purchase of a new phone. The value of the promo isn’t that dramatic and depending on the model you trade in, the amount of credits you get has increased by about $10-$30 per phone as part of the promotion. 

apple announced iPhone trade

This new trade-in promo was leaked last week by Mark Gurman from Bloomberg. However, Gurman reported that the boosted trade-in credit would apply only to purchases of the iPhone 15.

Still, the official terms of the deal indicate that it can be used onwards any new iPhone purchase and not just the 15 range. And, as stated earlier, the trade-in amount has not increased by that much either.

As of last week, you could trade in an iPhone 13 mini at Apple for up to $270 value. Under this promotion, Apple says you can now get up to $300, a $30 increase. An iPhone 13 is now worth a maximum of $320, rather than $300, an increase of $20.

Similarly, the iPhone 14 Pro Max can now be traded in for an extra $20, up to $650 compared to $630 previously. However, the increase for the iPhone 14 Pro Max is only worth an extra $10 during this promo period.

Official Apple promotions like these are as rare as they come. And, Apple just introducing this scheme might mean that Apple is planning to juice the iPhone sales during the present quarter as customer demand is falling.

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