The Future of Web Hosting: Trends in Dedicated Servers

| Updated on June 27, 2024

Getting to know about the latest trends in web hosting services is crucial for online business owners. There have been cases where overlooking these trends leads to major concerns like security and the cost of hosting. 

Moreover, these can also leverage the customer experience and promote business growth. Also, learn about Web Design Trends in this guide.

In this article, we will see the different trends in web hosting servers that can uplift the server experience.

Enhanced Security Measures

Do you know that all the websites over the internet are hosted by some web server, and hacking a single website can lead to the failure of the whole server? 

Therefore, the security of web servers is a major concern. Considering this, the following are some security advancements made to keep the data secure.

  • Automatic Backup – This safeguards the files and database of the website from any data loss by automated backup of the data.
  • Periodically Change Password – This is the best IT security practice that prevents the access of resources and data by an unauthorized party. It involves 
  • CDN Support – A content delivery network is a geographically distributed network of proxies that allow the user to access the content of the website in relatively less time. Furthermore, it protects the server from DDoS attacks.
  • Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) – Instead of using FTP, use SFTP for web hosting, as SFTP uses a secure channel for transferring and sharing files.
  • Firewall – It is a security feature that controls the incoming and outgoing connections by blocking suspicious and unwanted traffic.

All these security advancements secure the dedicated servers from slow load time, DDoS attacks, backup failure, and dubious traffic.

Green Hosting Initiatives

With the limited availability of resources and unlimited wants of people, the concept of green has entered into hosting as well. The traditional way of hosting involves using fossil fuels as an energy source, whereas green hosting uses renewable energy for sustainability. 

The following are the reasons to prefer green hosting over traditional hosting:-

  • Green hosting reduces carbon emissions
  • Improves ranking 
  • Better site performance 
  • Saves natural resources 

Most of the web hosting service providers have adopted green hosting and enjoying its benefits.

Adoption of Edge Computing

Edge computing is a running computer that brings data storage closer to the source of data. It enables the devices to process data with ease and more quickly.

The following are the benefits of the integration of edge computing technology in web hosting:-

  • Reduces latency – In edge computing, the processing power or unit comes closer to the user, which ultimately reduces the delays and latency in the connection.
  • Bandwidth management – Bringing the server closer to the user saves the bandwidth of the server for other transmission of data.
  • Cost – Edge computing saves the cost of sharing data to centralized data centers through long channels. In addition, it saves the cost of cooling down the large centralized data centers.
  • Faster response – Reducing latency and lessening traffic leads to faster response from the server and an increase in operational efficiency.

Do You Know?
It is called edge computing because it brings the user’s device and centralized data centers to the edge of the network.

AI and Machine Learning Integration

The involvement of artificial intelligence and machine learning has highly influenced web hosting. These can predict and identify the pattern of attack and security threats like DDoS, data breaches, and malware on the server. 

Furthermore, it optimizes the performance of the server using predictive analytics that forecast the future through data.

Increased Customization and Flexibility

Over the period, web hosting service providers have introduced customizable and flexible web hosting where buyers can customize the SSD disk storage, database, and many more. 

Businesses of all sizes can use it to choose a web hosting that perfectly suits your business.


Saying updated with the latest web hosting and web server trends will not only safeguard the online presence of your business but also improve the experience of website traffic. These trends assist in reaching the full potential of a web server. 

Furthermore, these trends enable businesses to attract and retain customers for business growth.


Ans: If you don’t have enough funds to invest in paid web hosting, you can go with free hosting servers. These come with some limitations like accessibility to limited resources, security risks, lots of ads, and many more.

Ans: Yes, it is possible to make a website functional by designing and buying a domain but that site will not be searchable on the internet. Without hosting, your site can’t be accessed by anyone.

Ans: You can do the following to keep your web hosting secure:-

  • Make sure to buy a web hosting that provides an SSL certificate.
  • Use SFTP instead of FTP.
  • Install anti-malware software.
  • Periodically change password.
  • Keep a backup of your website on the server.
  • DDoS attack protection.

Ans: There are various web hosting service providers in the market but these are the 5 best and most trustworthy hosting service providers.

  • Bluehost
  • GoDaddy
  • Hostinger
  • Dream Host 
  • WordPress

Ans: Web hosting has three types:-

  • Shared Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting 
  • Virtual Private Server Hosting

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