These New Glasses Feature an AI Assistant and a Camera

| Updated on July 1, 2024
new glasses feature an ai assistant and a camera

Solos will soon sell new smart glasses. These glasses have a camera and can help you by talking to you. This news is important because the glasses can help you record videos without using your hands.

Glasses Feature

The Solos AirGo Vision is the name of the new eyewear. They possess a unique quality. This feature is an AI voice assistant called GPT-4o. Its assistant can tell you what you are looking at through the camera.You can change the frames on these glasses. 

This means you can remove the camera if you do not want it. You can also use different frames for different looks or for sunglasses. The extra frames cost between $89 and $129.The glasses will also let you know when you get a call or email. 

They have small lights to show you the notifications. Solos claims the glasses are compatible with other AI assistants such as Google Gemini and Anthropic’s Claude AI. 

These glasses do not have a screen, only the small lights.We do not know the exact price of the AirGo Vision glasses yet. But they will cost more than $249.99. 

This is because Solos will sell another pair of glasses without a camera for this price in July. Ray-Ban’s similar glasses currently cost $299.These new Solos eyewear might come in quite handy. 

It will let you record videos and answer questions without using your hands. This can simplify a lot of tasks.

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